Tuesday, November 17, 2009

facebook 'friend' farce

Here's another entry for the 'you just can't make this stuff up.' It is a clear Autumn afternoon in the park with the season's brightly colored leaves floating down on warm breezes. I am speaking to a couple about a recent gathering I attended. We realize that there is a person I had a conversation with at this function who knew these people before they were a couple. The wife mentions the woman that I had spoken with and says that she is this woman's 'Facebook friend.' "Really?" says the husband and asks about her life. The wife eagerly shares all of this woman's information about her husband, children, where she lives and on and on. She tells her husband that she has, in turn, filled this woman in on all their personal family information.

As fate is known to do, a few minutes later the woman from the event happens upon the scene and we are all in each other's little corner of the world. I bring the women together and say nothing more than 'look who is here.' They look at each other,confused and then me. After what seems the right amount of time and puzzlement I say their names and introduce the 'Facebook friends' to each other in a park in the light of day.

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