Sunday, November 8, 2009

moving in and moving on

Ah, Mother Nature. She never lets us become complacent. Just when we think we have her all figured out she surprises us with what we don't expect. I had given in to the cooler forces that blew through a few days ago and then it all changed to a relaxed warmth that embraced once again. It took me back to the day we moved into our house and filled it with what reflects who we are and made a house a home. The moving truck backed in our driveway with the slant of a November sun and the leaves crunching at our feet. It was a day of importance coupled with something as mundane as carrying boxes and potted plants. All I wanted at the end of that day was an outlet to plug in a tv to tell us who the leader of the country would be. That evening I realized that perhaps I may have hung out with a guy named Chad, no not really, we would all learn the meaning of a 'hanging chad.' November 7, 2000.

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